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Cars | To nationalize an official car built in Argentina

Procedures available


A car built in Argentina can be nationalized without paying for the formerly exempted taxes, only two years after the purchasing date (invoicing date). Once it is nationalized, it is released from the Diplomatic tax exemption framework and registered at the DNRPA (National Directorate of Automotive Property).

In the case of a car that is nationalized to be donated to the State or agencies for international cooperation purposes, even if the 2-year period has not yet elapsed, the taxes from which it was formerly exempted need not be paid. Such donations must comply with the regulations in force on this matter.

Before the Nationalization Authorization Certificate is issued, the foreign Mission must return the Number Plate and ID windshield sticker provided.


1. Note of the Mission: The export or re-export must be requested through a note, signed by the Chief of Mission (or legal surrogate) bearing his full name and position within the Mission.

2. Please attach Form FDF N° 0019 entitled “Nacionalización del automotor de fabricación nacional de uso Oficial de la Representación" (Nationalization of an official foreign Mission car manufactured in Argentina).

3. Please attach a NON-CERTIFIED COPY of the Authorization to purchase the car.

4. Please attach a NON-CERTIFIED COPY of the purchase invoice in the name of the Mission or of a document that establishes the ownership of the car.

If applicable, please attach the ORIGINAL Certificate of fire, total destruction, etc. signed by the relevant authority and also bearing the signature, full name and position within the Mission of the Chief of Mission (or legal surrogate).

   - This Office will check the application and, if everything is correct, it will ask the foreign Mission to return the Number Plates, the ID windshield sticker and the Identification Cards of the authorized drivers. If necessary, this Office may issue a Free Circulation Certificate valid for 10 calendar days, upon presentation of a NON-CERTIFIED COPY of a valid insurance policy.

   - If the application is approved, this Office will send an “Authorization Certificate for Nationalization” to the DNRPA (National Directorate of Automotive Property Registry) and will present a copy of this document to the applicant Mission.