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Cars | To return a number plate, courtesy number plate and related documentation

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When a car is nationalized, exported, re-exported or abandoned to an insurance company; the plates, as well as all the related documentation, must be returned:

   - Both Number Plates

   - ID windshield sticker

   - Vehicle Identification Cards

   - Authorized Drivers Identification cards

The same process applies to cars that have been issued Courtesy Number Plate (imported or purchased without a tax exemption).

In the case of theft, loss or of any other situation requiring a new Number Plate application; original police report stating the incident along with the remaining plates and documentation, if any, must be returned before a new Number Plate can be issued.

When returning Number Plates, the Representation must inform about what will happen to the car in question, except when applying for a new number plate as a result of a recent tax exemption or of the purchase of a car manufactured in Argentina.


1. The foreign Mission must file the application by means of a Note, signed by the Chief of Mission (or legal surrogate). If the car is for private use, this note must also be signed by the civil servant. Every signature must be accompanied by the signatory's full name and position within the Mission.

2. Form FDF N° 0013 entitled “Devolución de Chapa Patente o Chapa Patente de Cortesía del automotor de un funcionario o de Uso Oficial de la Representación” (Returning the Number Plate or Courtesy Number Plate of the Private Car of a Civil Servant or the Official Car of a Foreign Mission).

3. Attach the Number Plates, ID windshield sticker, Vehicle Identification Card and the authorized driver identification cards.

4. ORIGINAL Police Report for theft, loss or other incident, signed by the relevant authority and also bearing the signature, full name and position within the Mission of the Chief of Mission (or legal surrogate).

- Once the above-mentioned documentation has been returned, the Tax Exemption Office may issue a Free Circulation Certificate, valid for the following FIFTEEN (15) days, if applicable and if the foreign Mission should request one.

- If the application is approved, the Tax Exemption Office will send a Certificate establishing the period of time during which the car was granted a diplomatic number plate to the DNRPA (National Directorate of Automotive Property Registry) if it deems it appropriate to do so.

- This Office will provide the foreign Mission with a receipt acknowledging the return of the Number Plate or Courtesy Number Plate.

- Should a new number plate be required, please file a new Number Plate Application. (See APPLICATION FOR A NUMBER PLATE procedure).