Teaching of Intellectual Property. Principles and Methods.

Takagi, Yo, Allman, Larry; Sinjela, Mpazi_Teaching of Intellectual Property L10995
Takagi, Yo; Allamn, Larry and Sinjela, Mpazi (eds.)
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Cambridge University Press; World Intellectual Property Organization | London
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Intellectual property (IP) comprises not only the valuable economic assets of society. The potential impact of intellectual property assets is so great that it is certain to have a considerable effect on national and international economic development in the future. Despite this, the area of IP education is relatively new to many academic institutions, and principles and methods in teaching IP are still evolving.

Against this backdrop, a number of internationally renowned professors and practitioners share their teaching techniques in their particular fields of expersive, including what they consider should be taught in terms of coursework. The result is a valuable handbook for teachers and those wishing to get up to speed on international IP issues.

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